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Finding the perfect home for our banking and finance clients is more than just renting space in an office park and furnishing a bunch of private offices and conference rooms. Recruitment and retention of talent is always top of mind, coupled with the fact that many employees can now complete their work duties from home or anywhere. Your firm faces competition for talent from your local competitors in the market and now also from companies throughout the country looking for remote hires. Your location and space should project stability, trust, success and show that you are a part of the local community.

So how do you find a location that is attractive for your employees and provides a meaningful experience that justifies the commute? We start with where employees live and analyze their commute times. We overlay the locations of restaurants, coffee shops, health clubs and grocery stores that can provide further convenience or serve as the backdrop for your company events. We look to match your company’s unique brand and culture with the image and location of the buildings being considered. We are then very careful to structure transactions that keep rent costs low and out-of-pockets minimal.

When done right, your office space becomes one of your competitive advantages. It can become a strategy for the recruitment and retention of the next generation of talent. You can focus on helping your clients grow, recruiting top talent, compliance and cybersecurity. We have you covered on finding the perfect location to match your company’s needs.

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