Our clients sometimes require isolated elements of a real estate transaction without the need for the full transaction process. We provide a consulting model, offering the individual tasks below for a simple fee based on the project scope and support requested of our team of experts.

Needs Analysis

  • We interview your team to identify the specific goals, budget and time-frame of a project and then provide a written assessment of the project scope in terms of square feet, dollars, time-line and probability of success.

Scenario Modeling

  • We develop different property scenarios with your team, then prepare detailed models for each scenario from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective which are presented in electronic and print format during an in-person meeting.

Lease Abstract

  • We conduct a thorough review of your lease documents and provide a summary of the most important terms and conditions contained within the lease agreement. This allows you to quickly and easily understand the key elements of the documents.

Location Strategy

  • We analyze and map the distance and drive-time for our clients to your key employees, your target labor force, your top clients, your top vendors, your desired amenities and top competitors within your industry.

Occupancy Cost Benchmarking

  • We assemble all of your occupancy costs – rent, operating expenses, real estate taxes, etc. and provide a comparison to comparable space that is available in the marketplace.

Space Planning

  • We coordinate a space planning analysis that compares the square footage that a client currently occupies to what they might occupy if they were to move to a more optimized layout.

Market Survey

  • We research and identify all potential locations that meet your search criteria then present them in electronic and print format including all relevant and available data points, which are presented during an in-person meeting.

Capital Project Budgeting

  • We enlist the help of thoroughly vetted referral partners in construction, furniture and data cabling to help our clients budget for changes to their space.

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  • They work smart, fast and efficiently. They never waste a second of my time

    Cheri Dorsey
    Law Firm of Sessa & Dorsey
  • They are there for us all day every day whenever we need them.

    Sathya Elumalai
    Aidar Health
  • They always kept us one step ahead in our negotiations.

    Drake Zaharris
    Managing Partner
    Pessin Katz Law
  • They treat us like family and treat the success of our company like it’s their own.

    Bill Cole
    Cole Roofing and Gordian Energy Systems
  • Our friendship and our long-term success are more important to them than commissions.

    John Dinkel
    Dinkel Business Development, Former Publisher of the Baltimore Business Journal
  • They have become a seamless part of our team.

    Steve Navarro
    Managing Partner
    Mind Over Machines
  • They give us advice like they will be the ones working in our space every day.

    Mark LaPointe
    GWWO Architects
  • They want to know what makes my company tick, not just how many square feet we need.

    Jeff Rosen
    Managing Partner
    Rosen Sapperstein & Friedlander, PA
  • They answered every question we had no matter how long it took. They gave us complete understanding and confidence in our decision.

    Ellen Platt
    The Option Group
  • The minute they entered the picture on our side, the landlords began to take us seriously.

    Funlayo Alabi
    Shea Radiance
  • They really know how to build leverage and negotiate. They would have made great litigators.

    Paul Bekman
    Managing Member
    Bekman, Marder, Hopper, Malarkey & Perlin
  • They treat my small, growing company like we are one of the Fortune 500.

    Odessa Phillip, PE
    President & CEO
    Assedo Consulting
  • I trusted them from the first day I met them, and they have never let me down.

    Allen Owens
    Paul Davis Restoration Greater Baltimore